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How Big Of A Water Heater Do I Need? – Know the right water heater for your Home

While buying a water heater for yourself, the one question that comes in your mind is what size of the water heater should I opt for? There are many factors which you need to consider before you buy the right water heater for yourself. You will find several sizes of a water heater in the market, but not every model is perfect for your use. You cannot buy a water heater of any size. There is always a specific model which will be perfect for your needs. You need to analyse all the factors and then choose wisely. 

What Size Water Heater Do I Need image
What Size Water Heater Do I Need image

You may get confused while buying the water heater since there are wide ranges of size available. It may happen that the model which you like the most may not come of the size which you are looking for. Size has always been an issue in urban cities. You need to be smart while distributing spaces to all of your devices and stuff.

What Size Water Heater Do I Need?

Mostly, water heaters of small size are preferred for household purposes. But if there is a requirement of hot water in large quantities, you have to buy a water heater with high capacity. A small sized water heater is not enough for everyone if you are planning to provide hot water to all the houses in the building. As per the needs, you need to decide which water heater to choose and which one to avoid. How big of a water heater do I require will always be a tough question for you. But you can have an answer for this if you give a few minutes to think deeply over it. 

30 Gallon Water Heater

Mainly, there are four categories of water heaters. All categories are divided based on its capacity of providing hot water. The first category is of water heater with a capacity of 30 to 40 gallons. This sized water heater is suitable for small groups. It is ideal for two people. You can easily find it in stores nearby. If you are a bachelor and living alone in the city, you can opt for this type of water heaters. 

40 Gallon Water Heater

The next category of water heaters is of the capacity of 40 to 50 gallons. These types of water heaters are more popular since they are chosen by most of the families. Nowadays, most of the family consists of 4 to 5 members; so roughly, they need hot water in the range that is provided by these kinds of water heaters. They are easily accessible in many shops. You can also carry it to your house without taking much effort.

50 Gallon Water Heater

Another category of water heaters that you will be able to observe is of a capacity of 50 to 60 gallons. If you are a person who lives with his/her whole family, these types of water heater will be ideal for you. This type of water heater can provide you with adequate hot water for a family with 6 to 10. Even a small group of people living together can also opt for this category. 

60-90 Gallon Water Heater

The last category of water heater that you will find in the market is of the capacity of 60 to 90 gallons. It will be recommended to buy it online since they are heavy to carry. You will have to take too much effort while transporting it to your place. It is ideal for a larger group of people. 

Small Size Water Heater

If you do not have much space, you should always go for a small water heater. You can use it multiple times to get the hot water. But if you have enough space that you can contribute to your water heater, you can opt for a larger one. In the times of need such as if the guest arrived at your home and there are more requirements for hot water, you can use the same water heater in that event. 

Even if you are living in the regions where there is cold weather, you probably need more hot water than usual people does. You can have more water for fewer amounts of people if you have a water heater with more capacity. You can easily manage if there is more amount of water needed if required. Do not give all the priority to the size of the water heater while buying one.

Standard Water Heater Size

There is no term as a standard water heater with a specific size. There will be different models of water heater which can be considered as standard in different regions. The number of people using a water heater also affect this term. Typically, it is being observed that families with fewer members tend to buy water heaters more than any other group. Even, the shops have the model that they can sell easily. The water heaters with a capacity of 50 to 60 gallons of water are more prevalent in many regions. They can provide hot water to a medium-sized group. It is more than sufficient for the group of 5 to 7 people. In many regions, this size of water heaters is considered as standard. 

As you go to the regions where snowfall is frequent, people need more hot water to get the cold out from there body since it feels good to have a hot bath under shower. Here the water heaters with a capacity of 50 to 60 gallons are not considered as the standard one. In such regions, the water heaters with a capacity of 60 to 70 gallons are regarded as the standard one. Even in the days of December when the winter is at its peak, you will require more hot water to take the chill out of you. Having a hot bath in the morning of winter will keep you fresh for a long time. Many people prefer to have a hot water bath as compared to bathing with cold water. 

What Size Breaker for A Hot Water Heater?

A size breaker is a tool by which you can prevent your estate from any mishaps associated with your water heater. It is a safety instrument that will take care if there is an overflow of current in the wiring. This an essential instrument which you should install at any cost. It will keep you safe as well as prevent your product from getting any damage. There are different methods to find out the breaker to use for your water heater. The primary method is by noticing the current rating. You have to find out the current requirements of your heater. The current rating will be displayed on the user manual. Note the rating and then decide which breaker to choose.


Consider all the factors associated with your requirement. You should always give more priority to the size factor, but it is not wise to ignore other factors too. You need to smartly decide which water heater to buy by considering all the factors.

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