Complete Guide on Hot Water Heater Temperature Setting

A suitable water heater setting is more vital. It helps in saving the money and even the skin. Correctly adjusting the temperature on the unit is vital not only for protection and physical condition but also for reduction of money on the electric bills.

Gas and electric water heater temperatures are already set at the industrial unit, but still, you can adjust to your preferences with the help of tools. If you have already set the temperature but still you are not getting the hot water then there might be some issues that are affecting the heater.

Water Heater Setting

The temperature of the water heater has very subtle balance; that is if the temperature is very high then there might be danger being scalded and if it is too low then you may get blocked quivering beneath the tepid shower. Setting the temperature is easy and simple but you must be very cautious. To avoid the risky situation, switch off the power supply to the water heater at residences foremost circuit breaker. Now unbolt the access board present on the side of the device and by using the screwdriver of flat blade elevate or lessen the temperature based on the ranges specified on the dial. When you have completed, check the water temperature prior to stepping into the shower.

Water Heater Setting image

Water Heater Setting image

Adjusting water heater temperature

The interface for adjusting the temperature on the water heater will differ by type and model. Luckily, most of the models are attuned in the same method.

The modern gas and electric water heater have a thermostat on the back of the insulated access panel. The electric water heater has two thermostats-one on the top and another at the bottom of the tank. And most of the tankless water heaters have a feature to display temperature readout and have controls for adjusting the temperature.

Regardless of what the model is, you require checking the water before you do little adjustments. Let the water flow in the kitchen or restroom sink till it is totally hot. Then grasp the thermometer beneath the water to identify the precise reading.


Regulating a tankless water heater is the same as altering the thermostat of an air conditioner. By using the digital control panel correct the temperature rise and lower when required.

Electric and gas water heaters

Few gas water heaters have a dial on the base of the unit with which you can easily adjust by turning it, no tools are required. However, most new water heater tanks are occupied with little more but are easy and need only a couple of minutes.

  • Begin the procedure by turning the power supply off to the unit at the circuit breaker.
  • Locate the access panel for thermostats and using the screwdriver take away the panel.
  • Shed back to the insulation.
  • Using even head screwdriver regulate the thermostat up and down.
  • If your device has 2 thermostats then regulate both at the equal amount. The apex thermostat must be a few degrees higher than the bottom.
  • Restore insulation and then install the access panel again.
  • Bring back the power supply to the water heater
  • For the gas water heaters, you require to restart the pilot light

Once you have done with adjustment, wait at least for 3 hours before testing the temperature again. You even need to make some additional adjustments to get back the right temperature. 

Even if you are still experiencing the cold showers after raising the temperature, then your water heater required to be serviced or even replace with a new one. 

Hot water heater settings

Adjusting the hot water heater setting is something you can do for both electric and gas water heater. The core reason for setting a hot water heater is to obtain extra hot water. It is possible to get hot water or you may have a malfunctioning water heater that is not producing enough hot water as it should. In both situations, raising temperature is a poor idea. If you need something to fix on the water heater then it would be wiser to fix the problem by setting the hot water heater. 

Electrical water heaters, in general, utilize electrical defense device for every element. The defense devices work like a tiny circuit breaker or re-settable fuse. The majority of the current water heaters have two dissimilar heating elements. One element is present on the apex of a heater tank and the other one is situated at the base. When returning the heating element you require getting access for both the heating elements sets. Below are some steps for resetting water heater:

  • Power off the electrical power delivery to heater either by shutting off the circuit breaker or by dragging the fuses that provide power to the machine. 
  • Put the defensive wraps for heating elements. 
  • Take away the screws that hold the cover of a metal jacket. Few water heaters even can have a screw located near to the apex of cover. Just drag the cover from a jacket. 
  • Haul the insulation from a water heater for the reset button and heating element to get exposed. The insulation might be a single flail of fiberglass or a portion of Styrofoam. The red button is the rest button that is around 3/8th inch in diameter. 
  • Shove the reset button as hard as you can because it is very taut to push inward. When you reset the button properly then you will hear a clear click sound. Reset both the protection devices that are upper and lower. 
  • Finally, install the insulation again. Place the outer covers. Power on the circuit breaker or change fuses. The water heater starts working and they will hear some faint sound of boiling water flowing out from the tank. 

If you are not able to figure out how to off the electricity, then make contact with the professional to assist you in resetting the water heater. It is very dangerous to tamper with the water heater when it is still on. For more information like Water Heater Reviews, keep visiting our site regularly.

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