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Can A Water Heater Explode?- Safety first before utilizing any home appliance

Every water heater has to undergo a lot of pressure during the entirety of its lifespan and mind you, water heaters have a limited lifespan. When water heaters are left running for too long of a duration, they have a higher tendency to explode. Even malfunctioning water heater play at risk of being exploded. So yes, a water heater can explode and when it does, it causes a lot of damage to your home. 

Water Heater Explosion image
Water Heater Explosion image

Causes of Hot Water Heater Explosions

Now that we have established that water heater exploding is real, let us go over the causes for it and the Signs Your Water Heater Is Going to explode so that you can look out for yourself in the future. 

A water heater can explode due to a lot of potential reasons. However, the most potential cause for a water heater to explode is excessive pressure. Other reasons for a water heater to explode are depositing of too much carbon, calcium or other sediments, a damaged T&P valve or the anode rods could be damaged, all of these are dangerous situations that could end up in an explosion due to pressure. One other reason for a water heater to explode can be a gas leak which also presents itself as a considerable risk. 

Signs Your Water Heater Is Going To Explode

Now, to prevent any such dangerous disaster happening in your house, you must be aware of the Signs Hot Water Heater Is Failing. Some of the Water Heater Explosion Warning Signs are:

Faults in the T&P valve

The T stands for temperature and the P stands for pressure relief in the T&P valve. When this valve is broken or damaged in any way, it possesses a huge risk for your water heater and there are very high chances that it might explode if you don’t address the valve immediately. This valve is responsible for the pressure in the water heater and when this valve is not working properly, it leads to a lot of pressure build-up in the water heater, which leads to it exploding. To prevent this, keep checking your T&P valve at least twice a year to make sure everything is working fine. 


Another pressing warning sign should be leakage; any leak occurring in the water heater can be a potential cause for explosion either immediately or in the long run. Leaks can happen in any part of your water heater. You could have your cold water inlet, overflow pipe, expansion tank, internal tank and hot water outlet, any of these leaking. It is also possible that the top or bottom of the water heater starts to leak and you should be more worried if the leaking is from the bottom of the leaking of the water heater. While leaks don’t immediately trigger an explosion, inevitable leaks are too dangerous to ignore. 

Pungent gas smell

A gas leak can be a potential risk with any of the gas-powered appliances and so, you need to wary of such gas leaks. If your water heater is gas-powered, then there are a lot of chances that the gas from the gas supply line might leak. A foolproof indicator of leaking gas is a pungent, rotting- egg, sulfur-likee kind of smell which is hard to miss and you shouldn’t hold back from being worried about such smell irrespective of how faint it is. With the gas leaking and the production of heat when from the water heater when its working might prove to be a lethal combination and such amount of heat in the presence of gas can inevitably lead to an explosion. Also, lighting anything during a gas leak will also lead to an explosion. 

Messed- up installation

Poor water installation can also result in a water heater explosion. It is possible that when you were getting your water heater installed, it may have been installed by someone with less plumbing expertise or in a hurry which has resulted in your water heater being installed poorly. This could cause the interior of the heater, the components to melt or the heater to act erratically now and then. While this is bad for your water heater even if there is no future possibility of a water heater explosion, it can lead to an explosion of water heater. 

Poor installation of your water heater can also result in the corrosion of the heater and there are also chances of short circuits. 

Misty- unclear water

If the water coming from your water heater is misty or vague while water from the other regular outlets of your house is clean, you need to get alert as this is a warning sign and could end up in an explosion of your water heater. Unclear water can be understood as your water heater’s struggle and you must get your water heater checked. A struggling water heater could also result in a metallic- tasting water.  

Popping sounds from the water heater

There is some inevitable noise that is emitted from a water heater. Still, when the noise starts to sound like popping, like that of popcorn, for instance, you need to start getting worried as this means that the water heater is scuffing to heat the water and is taking twice the usual effort in doing so. This kind of struggle and strain is not suitable for the water heater and you should promptly get the heater checked and rectified. 

Improper heating

If your water heater is turned on for long and is still giving you only lukewarm water, it is a visible sign that something is wrong with your water heater and that it is suffering a failure. Lack of hot water is amongst the most common symptom of a declining water heater. This is caused due to the build of mineral deposits at the bottom part of your water heater. Deposition of minerals at the bottom is normal as it is part of the healing process, but too much deposit leads to the water not reaching the burner of the water heater which prevents it from getting heated. Also, this will result in a higher electricity bill. Just get your heater checked by a plumber and if the problem is of sedimentation, then we’re sure it can be handled easily. 


The above-mentioned water issues are not always too difficult to tackle but once detected, should be addressed immediately as they always pose a risk of a water heater explosion. As soon as you notice Signs Your Water Heater Is Going to Explode, as mentioned above, stop using the water heater and get it checked immediately before someone accidentally uses it and a disaster happens.

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