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Tankless Vs Tank Water Heater- Which one is the Best

                  The importance of a water heater, irrespective of the type, can easily be understood in one single moment. The time when you stand under the shower to take a bath and the water turns out to be cold, especially during the winter season. Water heaters are undoubtedly one of the essential appliances, which makes a substantial difference with its presence. Now going to buy water heater for your home can be a pretty significant investment on its own and there are so many factors like cost, efficiency, and durability, etc.,

Tankless Water Heater Vs Standard Water Heater image
Tankless Hot Water Heaters vs. Tank Storage Water Heaters image

Tankless Water Heater Vs Standard Water Heater

one has to keep in mind before going for the final water heater model. Unlike most of the home and kitchen improvement products, water heaters are something that is going to associated with a household for years literally. 

Now there are mainly two types of water heaters that are present in the market- tankless and storage tank water heaters. The objective of this particular article is to compare these two types and figure out which one is better altogether. But before proceeding towards the conclusion, we need to thoroughly focus on each model along with their advantages and disadvantages.  

What is a tankless water heater?

A tankless water heater is basically a system that provides hot water directly to the faucet when it is truly necessary. The primary functionality of a tankless water heater system is depending on some couple of high-powered burners, which heat up the water while flowing through the heat exchanger. Basically, no storing of water involved in tankless water heater systems. Most tankless water heaters are either powered by gas or electricity. As tankless water heaters are supposed to save 22% more energy than those traditional ones, these are perfect. But unlike most of the other gadgets and appliances, tankless water heaters have their cons as well along with some pretty good advantages. Which are-

Pros of tankless water heaters

  • Approximately 24% to 44% more energy efficient than traditional storage water heater systems.
  • Saves a lot of money on energy bills.
  • Pretty longer shelf life than other types of heaters.
  • It does not take up a lot of space, as it does not comprise any storage tank.
  • Tankless water heater promises a continuous flow of hot water as it can heat up to 2 to 3 gallons of water per minute.
  • Tankless water heaters are extremely fast in what they do.

Cons of tankless water heaters

  • Tankless water heaters are pretty expensive than traditional water heaters.
  • The installation process in tankless water heater systems can be pretty tricky and intimidating if you are making the big switch from traditional water heaters.
  • The simultaneous operation, such as taking a shower and doing laundry at the same time, is not efficiently feasible in case of tankless water heaters.

What is a storage-tank water heater?

ThiIt is one of the most common types of water heaters which are used in households all over the world. These types of water heaters have a water reservoir, in which water is being stored and heated when necessary. Generally, a moderate storage water heater can store up to 30-50 gallons of water on an average. The overall functionality of a storage water heater depends on a set of input and output water pipes. The output water pipe is responsible for delivering hot water from the heater to the faucets.  

Pros of storage tank water heaters

  • The initial installation cost in storage tank water heaters is less than those tankless ones.
  • These are very easy and hassle-free to use and control.
  • The cost for periodic maintenance and repair is pretty affordable in this particular type of water heaters.

Cons of storage tank water heaters

  • It needs a lot of space for storage. In most of the houses which use traditional storage tank water heaters, the basement storage is pretty occupied by the water heater only.
  • It can’t installed and stored outside the house.
  • The shelf life of these storage tank water heaters is not that long.
  • Costs a pretty high amount of money in electricity bills, as a storage-tank water heater heats and reheats the existing tank water in a loop.
  • An average size storage-tank water heater for household usage can only last for three consecutive showers in a row.

Final Words 

Both storage tank and tankless water heaters have their advantages and disadvantages. Whereas storage tank heaters cost less money on the initial installation process. As the advanced tankless ones are supposed to save a lot more in the long run. But choosing between the two solely depends on how much money you can afford to spend on a water heater at a particular point in time. For people with the unlimited bank balance, investing $3000 at a time one a water heating system is definitely a feasible option, but for someone with the limited flow of money, investing in traditional water heaters are always sensible, as they only cost around $400 at a time. As both types have their own advantages and disadvantages, there are always some areas for improvement in both cases. 

As every household has its hot water requirement and other factors like budget, space, utility, etc., it is quite challenging to claim which one is better than the other, in real sense.

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