10 Highly-Efficient Gas Hot Water Heaters that saves both your time and money

10 Highly-Efficient Gas Hot Water Heaters that saves both your time and money

Gas water heaters

Winters are unavoidable, and when it comes to taking a shower during winter, people get reluctant because of the icy cold water. There are times of winter when you find it challenging to use the icy cold water and longs for an instant supply of hot water. The gas water heater are the solution to this as you can get an instant and continuous amount of hot water as and when required. Using the gas water heater are the most economical and cost-effective method as you can reduce electricity usage. The cost of natural gas is cheaper than the cost of electricity, and you can stick to your budget.

Water heaters fueled by natural gas or propane costs little as compared to electric water heaters. Monthly operating costs are very less for gas water heaters, and they consume less energy. Gas water heaters are simple, environmentally friendly, efficient, and perform better than electric water heaters. They are designed to use both natural gas and liquid propane gas. Natural gas is cheaper than liquid propane, and most of the models prefer natural gas.

The energy factor are similar for both natural gas and propane, and they heat the water at the same rate. There are two types of gas water heaters: Tankless and tank- type. Tank –type water heaters have a storage tank with a capacity of 10- 50 gallons and keeps hot water ready for use. The cost is a little less than tankless water heater, and the design is simpler than tankless one. The tankless Water heater has no storage tank but provides hot water instantly when required. This model is compact and energy-efficient. The energy efficiency increases if the unit is chosen with a condensing unit.

In this review, we have reviewed both tank and tankless water heaters and have covered the popular brands based on size, compactness, availability of parts, and warranty.

Top 10 Reviews of Best Gas Water Heaters 2020

Gasland BE158 6L Gas Water Heater

Gasland BE158 Tankless White Water Heater image
  • Portable
  • Light weight
  • Less noise

Vevor 18L Gas Hot Water Heater

VEVOR 18L Propane Tankless Instant Boiler Stainless Steel Liquefied Petroleum Gas Water Heater image
  • LED display
  • Auto shut off
  • Cost effective

Excel Tankless Gas Water Heater

  • Easy to use
  • LPG gas powered
  • Instant hot water

The Gasland BE158 tankless water heater is one of the safest gas water heaters in the market. It has family safety features such as gas shut off function in the flameout situation and high-water temperature protection or overheat protection for the family’s safety. The lightweight and compactible design provide an hassle-free transportation experience.

Its small and compatible design is beneficial to carry for your camping, beach, etc. By installing the Gasland gas water heater, you will get a continuous running hot water all day. You don’t have to preheat before using it. Whenever you need the hot water, turn on the tap, the water will flow at our desired temperature.

  • Tankless gas water heater

  • Over heat and flame protection

  • Light weight product

  • Less energy consumption technology

  • Less noise

  • 100% money back warranty

The 11.5% energy saving technology helps to save more money and energy consumption than a similar unit. The water heater exchange and the main burner are specially designed to reduce gas consumption and noise. The main advantage of having a Gasland gas water heater is that it comes with 100% money back with a one-year warranty.




  • Flame protection
  • No preheat required
  • All day running hot water
  • Portable and wall mounted


  • Need to carry gas tank to work

The Vevor gas water heater is a tankless water heater with a flow rate of 4.8 GPM. It uses liquid petroleum gas for its operation. You get an instant supply of water and need not have to wait for long. The unit comes with a wall-mount design and offers an elegant look. It provides a thermal efficiency of more than 80.8%.

  • Flow rate of 4.8 GPM

  • LED display

  • Wall mountable

  • Overheat protection

  • Auto shut off

  • Low water flow protection

The unit has simple controls with different knobs (gas regulator knob and water control knob) for controlling the gas and water. With multiple protection features, the Vevor gas water heater is extremely safe to use at home with regular maintenance. If there is any unexpected flameout, the heater automatically turns off the gas supply. You can monitor the water temperature from the LED display.




  • Multiple safety features
  • Cost effective
  • Easier controls


  • Requires regular maintenance

The Excel Tankless water heater is LPG gas water heater that features low-pressure startup. It does not require an external pressurizer pump and is capable of starting at a water pressure as low as 2 PSI. It consists of a magnetic water flow sensor for working at low pressure. You get a consistent flow of hot water from the excel gas water heater just by opening the hot water tap.

  • LPG gas powered

  • Vent free technology

  • Low pressure start up

  • 1.6 GPM flow rate

  • Pure copper heat exchanger

The Best Electric water heater is compatible to be used at home, RVs, camping areas, and so on. This Excel gas water heat being vent-free is easy to install as it does not require tedious installation of the flues and ductwork. You can adjust the water flow with the control knob. The water heater provides hot water with the incoming cold water of 50 degree F.




  • Easy to use
  • Instant hot water
  • Works great


  • Complex instructions

This is one of the best Gas Tankless Water Heater. It provides 3.6gpm of hot water instantly. The water heater turns on only when there is water flow and thus saves energy. It requires a well-ventilated area for installation as it produces more heat. It is suitable for indoor and outdoor areas.

  • Compact Design

  • Digital Temperature Display

  • UL Listed Cord

  • Easy to install

There is a digital temperature display with this unit that shows outlet and inlet temperatures. It works on an electric ignition system and requires a 120-volt electrical outlet. The temperature can be adjusted manually for the desired value. It works on the water pressure of 30- 80 psi. It can operate on 25000 – 74500 BTU. Moreover, it comes with two years warranty.




  • Provides 4 gpm of hot water
  • It runs only when there is water flow in the pipe
  • Suitable for smaller homes, cabins and apartments


  • Requires a clean and descaling every three months
  • Requires electricity for ignition

Rinnai Natural Gas Hot Water Heater is a very energy efficient heater suitable for indoor installations. It has very low NOx emissions and can be installed anywhere in the USA. This is a lightweight and compact model that utilizes only 150,000 BTU and saves 82% of energy. It contains digital controllers, temperature controllers with a temperature range of 98 – 140 °F.

  • Endless hot water

  • Up to 6.5 GPM hot water flow rate

  • Easy to install

  • High Efficiency

This Tankless electric water heater has 10 years warranty on the exchanger and 5 years for the parts and one year of free labor. It runs on both propane and natural gas. It produces 6.6 GPM of hot water at temperature ranges of 98 – 120 degrees F. They have a scale detection system to prevent long-term damage to the heater. It has a leak detection system to alarm us about the heater damage. There is a temperature lock to avail of constant hot water at a specific temperature.




  • It suits best for a house with 2 showers
  • It is environmentally friendly with low NOx emissions
  • Occupies less space with easy installation


  • Provides hot water up to 120 degrees F. For higher temperature, we need an up-gradation

A Best Compact tankless Gas water heater is suitable for small residences with single shower options. This is a modulated Gas-fired water heater that can be along with storage tanks, radiant floor systems, and recirculation systems. It contains all the safety features like freeze protection, overheat protection, surge protection, and troubleshooting options are available. The best feature of this water heater is that you can control it with the remote.

  • Environmental friendly

  • Cost Efficient

  • 6.6 GPM max flow rate

The system automatically turns off when there is no water flow. The ideal temperature of this device is 131 degrees F. The venting system is made of stainless steel and lasts longer.




  • Suitable for gas input of 140000 BTU
  • Ultra low NOx emissions are as low as 14ng/J
  • 15 years of warranty for the tank and 5 years warranty for the parts
  • It is compact and provides 6.6 gpm


  • Requires professional installation for utilizing warranty
  • Can support to the maximum of two bathrooms

This Amazon’s Best Seller Gas water heater you must buy for your home. Camplux Gas Water Heater provides compact and wall-mounted water heaters for an easy and efficient indoor & outdoor lifestyle. They can be mounted on a wall and requires little space for operation. The heater can operate at a pressure of 2.8 PSI. There is a folding handle in this water heater for easy portability. The temperature ranges from 46.4 ° F to 114.8° F. it delivers 1.58 GPM of hot water and works continuously with energy efficiency. It saves up to 88.5% of energy and money.

  • Flame failure device

  • Anti-freezing protection

  • Energy Efficiency

  • Easy to use

This water heater has features such as overheat protection, low-water flow protection, flame failure protection, dry combustion protection, and high water pressure protection. There are digital controls for gas flow, water flow with a monitoring window for the flame.




  • Best suited for campsites and households
  • A small ignition is enough for getting instant hot water
  • It delivers 1.58 gpm of hot water
  • It is easy to use


  • It works only on liquid propane
  • This water heater can’t be used for drinking water

A high-efficiency natural gas tankless water heater that produces 10 gallons of hot water per minute. As it supplies endless hot water to meet all your demands. It is a very compact and simple unit with computerized safety features. Takagi Natural Gas Water heater has ultra-low NOx emissions and satisfies the SCAQMD Rules 1146.2.

  • Endless hot water

  • Compact Design

  • NSF certified

The temperature range is 100 – 185 °C and produces less noise. It is well suited for small restaurants and salons and is identified as the best gas water heater. It can handle three showers at colder weather and 4 showers at warmer weather. 10 GPM means more hot water for dishwashers, washing machines, and 3 bathrooms.r




  • Very less noise heater
  • Provides hot water instantly and delivers for hours together
  • Suitable for a big family
  • The energy factor is 0.95, which means more savings on the bill
  • Safety features like freeze, overheat and surge protection is included


  • It should be installed at a good ventilated place
  • Professional installation is recommended for utilizing warranty and other benefits

Marey Gas tankless water heater is very compact and easy for installation. This tankless water heater uses less energy than other tank water heaters and saves up to 60% of energy. The energy efficiency factor is 0.87. It is rustproof and leak proof and provides continuous hot water from the moment the faucet is open. It gives 3.1 GPM of hot water.

  • Compact design

  • Cost-effective

  • Easy to install

  • Energy efficiency

There is a thermostat to maintain the temperature, and the sensor automatically turns on the heater when there is water flow. It is an environmental friendly heater that can last a lifetime. The comparison of gas vs. electric water heater provides an energy efficiency of 87% for this tankless water heater. It works on low water pressure and does not require electricity for ignition.




  • No electric connection required for this unit
  • It is compatible and portable
  • There is an indication for outlet water temperature
  • Runs on both propane and natural gas


  • Not suitable for apartment homes as it requires more ventilation

Another tankless water heater. Gas propane is used for heating the water inside. This gas tankless water heater provides 5 gallons of hot water per minute. Noritz is an innovator in the water heating industry. This is an electronically controlled modern water heater that is known for saving energy and delivering hot water for all needs. This water heater can be used for outdoor services. It is a compact model for homes with 2 showers and 12 years of warranty.

  • High Efficiency

  • Endless hot water

  • Easy to install

  • Low Nox

The heater has a thermal fuse to prevent automatic overheating, and the burner adjusts automatically. The circuit board is protected with Resin and safety lockouts. This model does not require additional vents. It is an 84% energy-efficient heater that uses natural gas or propane. There are sensors for flame, overheat, freeze and fan rotation. There is a built-in display window with temperature lockout and adjustments for high elevation.




  • There is an automatic air regulator for maintaining internal temperature and increasing the efficiency of burner
  • Safety lock out is present for maximum temperature
  • Automatic overheat protection


  • We need to buy the freezing protection kit separately

The gas water heaters are better than electric water heaters as they save more energy. The propane gas or natural gas water heaters are easy to install and costs less than the electric heater. It requires no electricity and varies in size and range of applications. There are two types, Tank and tankless water heater, which suits your needs. Usually,  Tanked water heater consumes more time than a tankless water heater. Tankless water heaters consume less energy than tanked water heaters. Similarly, tankless water heaters occupy less space than tank water heaters. The basic mechanism is the same for both types of heater, yet simplicity is an important point to consider.

Points to consider while choosing a gas water heater: 

  • Family size.
  • Usage level – number of showers, dishwasher frequency, washing machine etc.
  • Natural gas or propane gas or both.
  • NOx emissions
  • Energy efficiency
  • Size of the heater and ventilation requirements.
  • Availability of parts and warranty.
  • Maintenance requirements.

Point of use electric water heater are the ones in which water is heated nearby the shower or bath where water is required, thereby reducing the loss of heat through water distribution system which uses centralized water heater. Being small heating device, the point of use water heater can be installed below the sink and are also known as “under sink water heaters”. They are very much energy efficient as the distance between the heating unit and the faucet are shorter. The only limitation is that the point of use electric water heater cannot be used for a larger requirements of hot water as they are of limited capacity.

Installing a gas water heater is not a tedious task and can be done easily if you follow the instructions given below.

  1. Turn off the gas and water supply and disconnect it from the old water heater using a wrench
  2. Empty the tank
  3. Turn the hot water faucet and let the air to flow in
  4. To remove the old water heater, you can use a screwdriver.
  5. Place the new water heater with proper ventilation and a minimum of six inches clearance from all the sides.
  6. Connect the discharge pipe to the T&P relief valve.
  7. Using Teflon tapes wrap the heat trap nipple threads
  8. Now connect the hot and cold heat trap nipples with the flexible hoses
  9. Use Teflon tape for the connectors and fasten the hose with the connector.
  10. Before installing the water line connections, take the proper measurements and cut it appropriately to fit the connections
  11. Now connect the pipe fitting and tighten the compression nut
  12. You can install earthquake straps for safety
  13. Now turn on the hot water faucet
  14. Check for leakages by turning on the cold water supply
  15. After checking for leakages if everything is fine, you can start filling the tank
  16. Once the tank is filled with water will come out of the open faucet, and you can close the faucet then.
  17. Connect the venting to the water heater
  18. Turn the control knob to the OFF position
  19. Connect one of the flare nuts with control valve and the other flare nut to the gas line
  20. Attach the flexible gas hose to both the flare nuts
  21. Switch on the gas supply
  22. Check for gas leakages using the leak detection solution. You can see bubbles popping out from the solution if any leakages are present.
  23. Light the pilot as per the instructions in the manual

If you want to cut down your utility bills, then high-efficiency gas water heater is the right choice. Gas costs are much lesser as compared to electricity option. Also, during power outages, you cannot use an electric water heater unless you have an inverter at home. But if you are looking for a greener and environment-friendly option, then you can use an energy-efficient electric water heater. Electric water heaters are easier to use as the only thing you have to do is switch on the device, whereas, with a gas water heater, you have to turn on the gas to get hot water. When it comes to the installation part, the electric water heaters are easier to install than the gas water heater as the later requires separate connections for gas supply. You have to be careful and perform regular maintenance operation of a gas water heater, or else the risks of an explosion are high.

The electric water heaters consist of heating elements that are immersed in the water and heats the water until the specified temperature is reached. When the electric water heater is turned on, the current traverses through the heating element, which are controlled by a thermostat or a microprocessor control module. 

When the desired temperature level is reached the thermostat, which acts as a switch opens and cuts the current flow, and if the temperature of the water is lower than the desired limit, the switch closes to allow the current to pass through the heating element. The cold water enters the water heater through a dip tube and gets heated. The hot water exits through the heat out pipe.

There are a lot of competing gas water heater brands in the market, and the prominent ones among them are Vevor, Eccotemp, and Takagi.

The Vevor gas water heater comes with an ergonomic and compact design that pleases everyone’s eyes. It has got good thermal efficiency and are more durable. It has multiple safety features, which include overheating protection, high-pressure protection, and anti freezing, etc. The Vevor gas tankless water heater is the most sought water heater by the customers as a result of its good performance and safety features.

Takagi gas water heaters are cost-effective and reliable. It requires lesser space and can be easily installed. The Takagi T-KJr2-IN-NG Tankless hot water heater is the best gas water heater with a lot of positive customer reviews. The air-fuel ratio sensor is effective in reducing emissions. With excellent performance and better quality, the Takagi offers a continuous supply of hot water as per need.

Eccotemp gas water heaters are energy efficient and well-performing. If you are looking for the best budget gas water heater, then you can go for an Eccotemp gas water heater. It offers a good flow capacity and is easy to use. Also, the unit can be installed without hassle. The Eccotemp water heaters come with digital display and exhaust fan, which are to be powered with 110-volt power. It uses very little electric power and relies on liquid propane gas for its working.

Here are the main requirements which you should not miss out while buying a gas water heater.

Most of the gas water heaters are tankless and provides a continuous and instant supply of hot water. So you do not have to worry about the storage capacity of the gas water heater. So you do not have to wait for a long time as in the case of electric water heaters to get hot water.

Consider buying the gas water heater with a higher energy factor. The energy factor indicates how efficiently the heat is transferred from the heating element to the water. The energy factor of most of the gas water heater falls in the range of 0.5 to 0.6.

With simple controls, it would be easier for you to use the water heater. Complex functionality serves no other purpose rather than heating the water. So it would be better to select the one with simple basic controls and easier to operate.

The flow rate of the gas water heater is denoted in terms of gallons per minute. Instead of looking for capacity, the main factor you have to consider while buying a tankless gas water heater is the flow rate. Select the one with a good flow rate so that you get a continuous supply of hot water as and when required.

Water heaters are always meant for long term use and have to be durable. The gas water heater requires regular maintenance and servicing. It is always better to select the gas water heater with long term warranty so that you do not have to put the extra cost for its maintenance.


How to vent a Gas Water Heater?

Follow the steps below to vent a Gas Water Heater-

  1. Use the adjustable vent pipe to insert one end into the heaters’ vent hood.
  2. Attach the remaining pipe sections.
  3. Adjust the vent pipes and make sure to align them straight.
  4. Secure all the vent pipe sections and tighten them.
  5. Using the sheet metal screws, secure all the vent sections.
How to flush Gas Water Heater?

 Follow the steps below to flush Gas Water Heater-

  1. Turn the knob on your hot water heater's thermostat to "Off"
  2. Turn Off gas and cold water supply.
  3. Open the pressure relief valve of the heater.
  4. Connect a garden hose to the heater.
  5. Turn the heaters plug on and drain the heater.
What is best Gas Water Heater?

Gasland BE158 6L Gas Water Heater is the best Gas Water Heater

Which is better gas or electric water heater?

Gas Water Heaters are comparatively less expensive as they are cheaper to operate than an electric water heater.

How much do Gas Water Heaters cost?

Gas Water Heaters usually range from $159 to $1115.

How do you turn on the Gas Water Heater?

 Turn the gas controller valve's handle to "Pilot," push down on it and hold it down to turn on a Gas Water Heater.

Can you use Gas Water Heater for a water heater at home?

Yes, you may use a Gas Water Heater for a water heater at home.

By installing the best gas water heater at your home, you do not have to shiver anymore with icy cold water and can get an instant supply of hot water whenever required. 

Out of the top 10 gas water heaters, the top rated gas water heater is Rheem RTGH-95DVLN 9.5 GPM Indoor Direct Vent Natural Gas Tankless Water heater. The model costs $1720 and is worth more than the price. The energy efficiency is 94 % than any other water heater. The model delivers continuous hot water for prominent families and has environmentally friendly ultra-low NOx emissions to meet the requirements of SCAQMD rule 11446.2. It contains exclusive hot start programming to minimize the cold water burst and provides hot water back-to-back. There is a built-in condensate to increase energy efficiency with a self –a diagnostic system for service and installation. Above all, it comes with 12 years of warranty and can be linked with many units easily and controlled through the Econet Mobile app.

The second top-rated high-efficiency water heater is Takagi T-H3-DV-N Condensing High-Efficiency Natural Gas Indoor Tankless Water Heater that delivers 10 GPM of hot water continuously with less or no noise. this model costs $1251.76. It meets the ultra-low NOx emissions standards set by SCAQMD rule 1146.2 to join hands with Rheem in the USA. This is a simple unit with maximum safety features computerized. The temperature range is 100- 185 °C and worth a buy. It handles 3 showers at colder weather and four showers at warm weather and suitable for a big family.

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