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Is Gas Water heater better than Electric One

A water heater is a must-have product if you are a person living in an area that is comparatively colder than in other regions. Bathing and washing clothes are not the only tasks for which you need hot water, but washing utensils with cold water can be very difficult. It can numb your fingers and also cause a lot of pain to it. Therefore, why go through the problems of touching chilly water and numbing your hands and body when you can get yourself a continuous supply of warm water with the help of a water heater.

Gas Vs Electric Water Heater image
Gas Vs Electric Water Heater image

Gas Vs Electric Water Heater

This comparison table will surely give you a very accurate idea, on which type of water heater will suit your needs, as well as the type of area, house, and living conditions you are accustomed to. But before we draw the comparison, let’s briefly understand what each water heater really is like.

Gas Water Heater

The gas water heater used to be very common in every household during the early 2000s. It basically uses the fumes that are generated by burning fuel to heat the water to provide the user with their optimum temperature. Gas water heaters are mostly available with the tank.

Electric Water Heater

As you can already guess from the name, Electric water heaters use electricity generated by resistance coils placed inside the body of the heater to heat the water up to an ideal temperature. They are available in both tank and tankless versions.

Propane Vs Electric Water Heater


Gas/Propane Water Heater

Electric Water Heater

Energy Efficient

In our tests, we found that gas water heaters fail considerably if you compare both of them based on energy efficiency. 

The electric water heaters are very energy efficient and hence preferred by people that have less access to fuels and gas.


The cost of gas water heaters is very less. It can go maximum up to 1500 dollars if you include the charges for installation and gas line connection.

They are very expensive if you consider the cost of electricity that is required to keep the heater running. More than 3000 dollars are required as an initial investment if you include installation and wiring.

Power Source

Natural Fuel or Gas

Home power source.


The gas water heaters are very convenient, as even if you have no electricity at home, or in the days of blackouts, you can still use them to provide you with 24-hour hot water.

They are not very helpful or convenient if you consider a massive blackout happening in your area. They need electricity to run, so if no power, no warm water.


Gas water heaters generally have a huge capacity, and hence they are suitable for large families or a big household.

Electric water heaters in comparison with gas water heater have small capacity and are advisable for use only in small families.


Gas water heaters apparently are safer than electric water heaters.

They can hold a risk of a short circuit, or some internal wiring issues as they run completely on electricity.


They are available in various models like condensing gas water heater, tank and tankless gas water heater.

Electric water heaters are available in heat pump variation, tank and tankless electric water heater.

What is the difference between Electric Water heater vs Gas?

Now that you have got yourself a very brief understanding on how we compared each of these different types of water heater, we will now indulge into the more profound knowledge of the working, performance, cost, lifespan, etc. of this propane on-demand water heater and electric water heater.

  • Performance

While comparing the performance of both the gas water heater and electric water heater, we considered the recovery rate of both the products. A recovery rate can be simply said as the time interval between each subsequent use of the water heater, that is if you have used it once, how much time will it take to recover and ready to be used for the second time. 

Gas water heaters hold a significant advantage in this scenario as they have a short recovery rate time. As soon as they are done warming a tank, they are ready to be used within a short break. And that is why we advised it to be the most suitable product for homes with large families that need water subsequently. On the other hand, electric water heaters can take a very long time, even hours to recover after one usage. Another disadvantage to them is that you can never use the electric water heater in times of crisis like blackouts or power outage, whereas that is clearly not the case in gas water heaters.

  • Efficiency

When it comes to efficiency, the electric water heaters are a clear winner. To keep the water warm, they do not require a continuous supply of electricity as the chambers are capable of trapping the heat inside. Whereas that is not the case in the gas water heaters whether they come with a storage, or are tankless water heater propane. They constantly require the fuel to keep the water stored in them, warm, which makes them less efficient. 

  • Cost

There are many ways in which a gas water heater can be cheaper or pricier than an electric water heater. Let’s first begin with how it is more affordable. Gas or fuel can be less expensive for people, and hence if we consider the operational cost, gas is much less costly than electricity cost. Consequently, gas water heaters are cheaper than electric water heaters. On the other hand, if you already have a gas line connection at home, then our advice will be to go for it, but on the off chance that you don’t, switching from electric connections to a gas line can cost a lot. In such situations always go for an electric water heater, as they will save you the extra cost. 

  • Lifespan

For lifespan, we consulted various previous users and customers of both this type of water heaters. We found that both the water heaters have a similar lifespan. Electric water heaters can last for around 13 years, whereas gas water heaters can last for at most 12 years. The difference is almost negligible as it is only one year.

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