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Excel Vent-Free Tankless Propane Water Heater 1.6 GPM

Without water heaters, our lives would come to a standstill. Not having hot water for showering in winters seems almost close to a nightmare. It is why we have been using the best of water heaters to ensure we have an endless supply of hot water. Usually, in medium or bigger sized homes, extra space is needed for the big water heaters to be installed. Those are the conventional systems we have been using. As homes have become smaller, along with families, not everyone has the space to install a 50-gallon water heater and to give a separate room to it. For you convience here we are introducing one of the Best Tank Less Water heater for RV, that is Excel 1.6 GPM Propane Water Heater. If you are new to it and not aware of its features you must go through this Excel Tankless LPG Water Heater Review for Sure. This will clarify all your doubts regarding this amazing Portable Water heater features and all its functions. What are you waitng for let’s Go…

Excel Tankless LPG Water Heater Review 2020

The ability of the Excel Tankless LPG Gas Water Heater is more than satisfactory. It saves both water and energy for you, hence saving you a lot of money as well. It has a very distinctive design as well, which allows it to easily blend with the space it has been installed in. Being equipped with vent free technology, there are no add ons to it like vents or ducts, so you have a very clean looking water heating system working for you. It has been termed as one of the best for indoors by many reviewers who have been using it for a long while. We can thank this Best Excel Water Heater for solving this grave problem. This Excel Vent-Free Tankless Propane Water Heater  literally provide you with an endless supply because, unlike the old systems. They don’t store hot water. Rather they supply it directly to the outlets. 

Excel Tankless LPG Water Heater Features

  • Vent-free technology
  • Energy-efficient design
  • Easy temperature control
  • Low water pressure startup

Vent-free technology in the Excel Propane Water Heater means that it can be installed easily without needing those external ducts and vents to ventilate the air around the appliance. This technology reduces the overall cost of installing a water heater. Venting is otherwise required considering the amount of heat the machine would be spending otherwise. The oxygen depletion safety system facilitates this feature of the water heater, which helps prevent fires.

 Being one of the Best Excel Water Heater, as soon as you switch it on, you will instantly receive hot water in the outlet tap. It is the benefit that you receive with tankless water heaters. They don’t spend energy on heating a lot of water for you to use. Instead, their ideology is to supply it as it goes. Because of this, the fuel that would be spent during the waiting time and storing the hot water first is saved. It is why you can switch on the excel tankless water heater anytime and get hot water.

The minimum temperature required for the Excel Tankless Water Heater for Rv to work efficiently is 40 degrees. Anything below would be difficult to work with for the unit. The optimum temperature is 50 degrees under which the unit works perfectly. The output temperature, though it can be very easily controlled through the external panel on the water heater, and you can receive at most 90 degrees, given there is an optimum flow of water.

Everywhere you won’t find the same water pressure. Certain regions always have low water pressure for different reasons. It becomes a problem with most water heaters, but as for the Excel 1.6 GPM Tankless Water Heater, it can start with just 2 PSI of water pressure. You won’t need to install an external pump to pressurize the water flow. There is a magnetic water flow sensor which allows the this Best Excel Water Heater to work at a low water pressure. This excel 1.6 GPM Tankless Propane Water Heater saves on cost and the energy spent through the pump otherwise, making the water heater perfect for RVs.

Excel Propane Water Heater Specifications

Specification Name Value
18 x 7 x 14 inches
20 pounds
Model no
Wall mounted
Maximum pressure
120 PSI


  • Exclusive Vent-Free Technology
  • Lifetime warranty ​
  • Low Water Pressure Startup
  • Pure copper heat exchanger ​


  • Saves both energy and water
  • Instant hot water supply
  • Easy installation
  • Magnetic flow rate sensor


  • Works well with one output only

Bottom Line

To Conclude this Excel Tankless LPG Water Heater Review, it is one of the Best Excel Tankless Water Heater, it has been designed to be very versatile in its functioning. You can use it in proper homes, campers, RVs, and literally, anywhere there is a need for a water heater. It is small in size and can be installed very easily, which is why it also very easily suits a wide range of uses. With the right accessories, you can do a lot with it. In normal circumstances, it is best installed in a bathroom where it can cater to a bath and a sink very conveniently. It is when you have good water pressure. For proper functioning, when there is low pressure, it is best to be used with one outlet.


You will have to use a regulator for moderation, and any size fuel tank will be compatible with it.

 Yes, it is important to turn off the gas supply to turn off its functioning after every use.

There is no direct connection for it, so accessories will be required.

One of the best LPG based water heaters is the Excel Vent-Free Tankless Propane Water Heater. Excel 1.6 GPM Propane water heater give you the convenience of installation because they are quite small and can be put under a sink even. The energy-efficient designs come in both electric and fuel types, So you dont have to worry about bills anymore. This Propane Based water Heatar is useful where you can’t find electricity. Must give it try if you area looking for Best Water Heater in Budget.

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