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Ease of installation
Energy efficiency
Temperature control

Eco55 Tankless Hot Water Heater

Ecotouch electric water heater provides instant enough hot water with help of a heating system with a 5.5kw power rating. Just like some other models, this water heater machine doesn’t preheat and works properly with a sink without giving temperature fluctuating hot water. With Ecotouch 5.5kw tankless water heater, one can enjoy continuous hot water at 116 degrees Fahrenheit temperature. Although this Ecotouch Tankless Water Heater does not contain a tank, Ecotouch states that it heats-up water very fast in less than 3 seconds.

Ecotouch 5.5kW Tankless Water Heater Review 2020

Eco55 tankless water heater is equipped with an enhanced self-adjustment technique that can adjust flow rate and temperature setting based on input power required to heat a quantity of water you require. This Point-Of-Use Hot Water Heater was particularly designed to be used and placed under a sink included with a remote control system so that you don’t need to bend down for a touch panel. Ecotouch electric tankless water heater is easy and simple to use, and it has a touch control board with a digital system that permits the user to set preferred temperature without any trouble.

ECOTOUCH Eco55 Electric Hot Water Heater Features

Built with a 5.5kw capacity heating system, the best Ecotouch water heater supplies immediate, reliable and continuous hot water with 116 degrees Fahrenheit or higher temperature, no need to wait for preheating or awful temperature up and down, great for using near sinks. As quickly as you start using the unit, immediately hot water comes out with the required temperature and with enough flow rate of 1-1.5 gallons in a minute.

Water heater regulates input power based on flow rate and temperature setting in actual time. For example, if water flow is reduced, low power will be supplied by the unit; therefore, you will still find a stable temperature instead of damaging the hot water system, which means comfy experience. This Eco touch water heater unit evades stand-in heat loss, lessens energy waste, and with this smart self-adjustment technology, this unit saves 65% energy.

As says in Ecotouch 5.5kw Tankless Water Heater Review, it comes with a touch control board and digital display is so easy and convenient to set temperature. Now on the sink, and the rest of the part will be done by a smart unit, without any clue, you don’t need to go through tough lessons regarding temperature setting by a mixer tap. This ECOTOUCH Electric Hot Water Heater is also included with remote control, so you don’t need to bend down for touch control when the unit is placed under the sink, and this remote is useful for installation below the sink.

Built with many protection devices, each part of this unit is tested strictly to ensure 100% safety. Electricity lines and inner side water are planned to run discretely to prevent leakage or damage to building scale. Approved and qualified by ETL and UL, outstanding performance is expected for years.

Sleek and compact design, water heater unit synchronizes with home décor, under or above sink, vertically, horizontally, or obliquely installation. This unit is delivered with simple installation brackets, power cord of 10AWG, which comes fixed to the unit, so it is not necessary to appoint a plumber, and ½” NPT pipe fitting. It features 360-degree installation, lightweight, attractive, sleek design to blend flawlessly with home décor. An electric water heater is ideal for school, bar, kitchen, hospital, hair salon, and community.

Water is not stored for a long time in a huge water tank for heating, prevents rusting problems, and bacterial growth that spoils water quality much. To avoid scale build-up, electric heating and water pipes are planned to run separately, and now you find stable steam of fresh and clean hot water.

Ecotouch Tankless Water Heater 5.5kW Specs

Specification Name Value
Product name
Electric water heater
240v ~ 60Hz
Maximum amperage
Suggested wire size
Minimum water flow
Maximum raise in temperature
67 to 109 degree Fahrenheit
Needed circuit breaker
1 * 2 – pole of 30 AMP
item weight
5.07 lbs
Product dimensions
11* 7.5* 2.35 inches
Power source
Installation method
Batteries included
Batteries required
Shipping weight
6.6 pounds





How many gallons of water does Ecotouch 5.5kw Tankless Water Heater hold?

 Ecotouch 5.5kw Tankless Water Heater does not retain any water at all since it is tankless.

Does the Ecotouch 5.5kw Tankless Water Heater come with the electrical wires?

 Yes, Ecotouch 5.5kw Tankless Water Heater does come with electrical wires.

Do we require a water filter with this Ecotouch 5.5kw Tankless Water Heater unit to take out sediments?

It is suggested to include a water filter to extend the life of the water heater device.

Can this Ecotouch 5.5kw Tankless Water Heater be installed and used outdoors?

If it satisfies installation conditions, then you can install a heater anywhere according to your

Does this Ecotouch 5.5kw Tankless Water Heater work with 220 volt 50Hz?

Yes, Ecotouch 5.5kw Tankless Water Heater works perfectly with 220 volt 50Hz.

Bottom Line

Ecotouch 5.5kw tankless water heater designed with many impressive features and an impeccable look. The manufacturer’s assumption and design of this product shows a lot of concern and customer point-of-use water heater systems. The device is included with many safety measures such as dry-heating protection, leakage protection, and automated temperature control. For better accessibility, it is also included with remote control. This water heater delivers hot water quickly in less than 3 seconds and gives continuous hot water. It is recommended for people who particularly want a heater near the sink.

Ecotouch 5.5kw electric tankless water heater- instant hot water- digital display- smart self-adjustment technology- continuous hot water- compact and sleek design- energy-efficient- in-built many safety measures- hygiene water- easy and simple to use- perfect to place under sink- durable- smart modulation- lightweight- accompanies with interior décor- wall mounted.

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