What is the Best Water Heater for Environment? – Electric or Gas

Present, the electric water heater is in the last place because of its impact on the environment and global warming. This is due to the fact that most of the electric power present is generated by burning Fossil fuel plants that are only 30-40% efficient. So, solar water heaters are the best option for those who are conscious about the environment. But however, even solar water heater still emits carbon in most of the cases as most of the solar systems are an active system which needs a pump and conventional tank powered by electricity to ensure the adequate hot water supply.

Best Water Heater for Environment

For the average house maker, tankless water heating systems offers best in terms of convenience and least energy system. Tankless units will last twice than conventional tanks. For those who are conscious about the environment and budget, the best thing is to stick with conventional natural gas water heater which is still four times better than the standard electric tank.

Best Water Heater for Environment image

Best Water Heater for Environment image

Benefits of Water Heater

Generally, two types of water heaters are present one is electric water and another one is a gas water heater. Each one has its own benefits. Electric Water Heater has clear advantages over the fuel-fired water heating in almost all cases. Below are some of the benefits of water heater:

Advantages of Electric Water Heater

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  • Operating costs: Electric Water Heater offers a cost advantage over the fuel-fired systems for the components like installation, design, service life, maintenance, and effect on space conditioning loads. When considering the total cost of operation and ownership, an electric water heater often has an overall cost advantage.
  • Safety: Electric water heaters are very safer than fuel-fired water heater because they help in avoiding the problems and hazards associated while the process of combustion in heating water.
  • Convenience and simplicity: These heaters are more convenient and simple to heat water in both commercial and residential building.
  • Efficiency and functioning: Electric water heaters are more efficient and function perfectly than the fuel-fired water heater.
  • Maintenance: With proper and regular maintenance electric water heater will long last without any corrosion and damage.

Advantages of Gas Water Heater

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  • Gas Water Heater is easy to install.
  • They are cheaper to operate than electric.
  • Gas water heater gets recovered much more soon than an electric water heater, because of this rapid recovery rate you can be able to meet all the needs with tankless gas water heater.

Water heater Tips to Save Energy

Willing to save the money on water heater bill? Water heater contributes to about 18% of the total energy bills. Since hot water is essential in our daily life, following some tips are necessary to save energy and money. To save energy, house owners should install hot water heaters or on-demand heaters, which has no storage and are 30% more efficient. Below are some energy saving tips that help to lower water heating bills.

Lower the thermostat

Though the many manufacturers set the thermostat at 140 degrees Fahrenheit, most of the typical households are comfort with 120 degrees. Try to have a shower after this adjustment; it is unlikely you may find substantial differences in the temperature. This small decrease not only cut costs but also reduces scalding and slow down mineral buildup and corrosion in heater and pipes.

Insulate the tank

Insulating the storage tank helps in reducing the heat loss and prevents the unit to turn on frequently. Be careful to follow the manufacturer instructions.

Install heat traps

Heat traps allow to flow cold water into the tank but prevent heated water and other unwanted convection to flow from unit. Many Modern water heaters are equipped with built-in heat traps but if the water heater is 10 years then it is a viable option to install the heat traps.

Repair any leaky faucet

A leaky faucet seems like a small nuisance, but it can waste water and money in short duration. So try to get the repair done immediately.

Drain the tank

It is good to drain the tank on a regular basis depending on its usage. Draining the tank will help to remove the settled sediment that can impede the heat transfer and even lowers the efficiency of the unit. Even though it is an easy process always follow the directions given in the manual.

Install a timer

A traditional water heater always keeps on running which is squander of electricity. Installing a timer can turn off the heater at night is a great way to conserve energy and add years to the life of the unit.

Insulating pipes

In addition to insulating the tank, even consider adding insulation to first 6 feet of both hot and cold water pipes that are connected to the unit. Insulating pipes in this way will help to prevent fire hazard and converse the heat so that the system is not required to work hard to reheat.

Buying a new water heater

It is better to purchase a new water heater if the old water heater is used for more than 10 years. An older one is not inefficient but it may irreparably damage if it leaks.

High-efficiency Hot Water Heater

Heating water may contribute approximately 15% of homes energy use. High-efficiency hot water heaters use 10 to 50% less energy than standard water heaters, in fact, saves the homeowners money on utility bills. Actually, the energy savings from high-efficiency hot water heater depends on heater locations, family size, and the placement and size of water pipes. For more useful information, stay in touch with our portal www.waterheaters.reviews

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