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One thing we can’t live without, whether we live in cold regions or even moderately warm regions, is hot water. Whether it’s for cooking or for showering even, hot water is much needed. In all this, what we hate is waiting for hot water to reach our taps when we can finally go do our thing. Now, we have the technology to combat this problem, and that is through the Tankless Water Heater. They are suggested to anyone who requires a water heater because these heaters are highly adaptable and save a lot of energy. Your usage will still decide on the kind of water heater that will suit you best, and you might prefer a bigger water heater, which provides 40-50 gallons of hot water throughout the day. Still, there is no competing the kind of mechanism that tankless water heaters have. 

It may sound easy, but it is not that simple to face the cold water. Even if we spend with cold water for less time, it’s hard to deal with the stream of cold water coming out of the pipes. Most of the problems we face with the cold water are in the Winter season. Instead of doing the things forcefully with this cold water, why don’t we enjoy the items with warm or hot water? Here comes the real use of the best Water Heater. To be frank, it is not easy to choose any home appliance as there will be many factors and things to consider before buying one. We all look for the best one in our budget. For that, we need to do a lot of research. All such procedures seem difficult, right! As you are here, you can now leave all such worries.

We can say that it is challenging, or it may be challenging to take a shower with the cold water, particularly in the winter season. Several companies are offering the best water heaters to give you an exceptional bathing experience. Also, some brands provide a Water heater with less quality or fewer features. So, it is not that easy to choose the best one among all these companies. It requires more patience and time to select the best one. With 72 hours of research, we have sorted the top 10 Water Heaters here.

Water Heater Reviews

A Best Budget water Heater is one that gives you hot water as quickly as possible and stays with you at least for some years that you can say that you made a good investment in it. This is why we have reviewed four of the best energy efficient Portable Hot Water Heater that will instantly give you hot water and save up on your energy bills as well. 

As I said below, there are some factors which you need to consider while buying like Electricity consumption, warranty, durability, price, safety, and more. The requirements will not be the same for the people. So, we can’t show a single product and say that this is the best Hot water heater for all types of customers. As per brand, quality, features, and specifications, we have listed these 9 best geysers of best brands and different functions. The products sorted here have surpassed all the factors mentioned above in every way.

To know in detail about these factors, check the Water Heater Buying Guide by scrolling down the page. You need to choose the best Geyser because this single step can make a big difference in your budget. Along with factors, you need to know that are different types of Water Heaters, like Tankless, Gas, Electric, RV, Tank, Solar Geysers. In this list, you can find both tank and tankless water heaters that meet the standards of all customers. First, check the buying guide, decide what features you need, refer to the top 10 Best Water Heater reviews list, and finally choose the best one.

Top 9 Hot Water Heaters

Bosch Tronic 3000 T 4-Gallon Water Heater

Bosch ES4 Tronic 3000T 4 Gallon Electric Mini Tank Water Heater image

EcoSmart ECO 11 Electric Tankless Water Heater

EcoSmart ECO 11 Electric Tankless Water Heater image

Bosch Electric Mini-Tank Water Heater

Bosch ES2.5 Tronic 3000-T 2.5 Gallon Electric Mini-Tank Water Heater image

Bosch is also the best brand which gives the products of good quality and amazing features. Now let’s see about its best Hot Water Heater that is, Bosch Tronic 3000 T 4-Gallon Electric Mini-Tank Water Heater. It comes with 4 Gallon capacity and is ideal for point-of-use applications. This Mini-Tank Water Heater fits perfectly under your sink and whenever you need hot water it provides. Its thermal efficiency is 98% and comes with a premium glass-lined material. It gives a long service life for the unit and also easy to maintain.

  • Convenient Hot Water Heater

  • Easily Mounted

  • Long Lasting Quality

  • Temperature Control

  • Easy to install

There is no need to wait for hours to get the hot water at your sink. Because it gives hot water on demand at your every need. It can easily supply up to 2 sinks simultaneously. It can easily be mounted means it can be wall or shelf or floor mounted. You need to tap into the cold water line and directly install the Bosch Tronic 3000 T at your sink for hot water. As I said that Bosch Tronic is useful in providing quality products, this unit also ensures the Long-life quality. For maximum energy efficiency, there is thick CFC-free foam insulation.

Technical Details: Dimensions are 13.8 x 13.5 x 13.8 inches, Weight is 22.9 pounds. Voltage: 120 volts, Wattage: 1440 watts, Size: 4 Gallon. Warranty: 6 years on product and 2 years on parts.





You will never run out of hot water if you have this Eco Smart tankless Small Water Heater. Its not like those conventional water heaters where you have to wait for the water to heat up. As soon as you turn on the tap, hot water will be available at your disposal. 

  • Lifetime warranty

  • 0.98 energy factor

  • 2 GPM flow rate

  • 80 degree- 140-degree range

  • Digital temperature control

With a lifetime warranty and energy-saving technology, this will be the perfect Tankless Water Heater for your home. You will never run out of hot water because it is a tankless water heater, which starts working as soon as you turn it on. Its patented self-modulating technology and design is the reason behind its effectiveness that helps you save almost 60 percent of your energy bill. Unlike most water heaters, you can control the heat output based on your requirement, which will help save a lot of electricity that usually gets wasted. 

Small apartments are best suited for this kind of water heater to be installed. Despite being small, it is still very active and provides you with 2 gallons water per minute flow rate, which is more than what most bigger heaters provide you with. No matter what climate you put it in, it will still work as effectively and can handle two sinks and one shower running at the same time. When you buy a Best Budget Water Heater like this, be sure of size that you are buying depending on your use. Whichever unit you buy, the energy-saving will stay the same for each size. 





This Bosch Small Water Heater will fit even under your bathroom sink if you want it to because its that small in size. Its sleek and attractive design won’t also look absurd. Instead, it will fit well wherever you place it, and hot water will be available for you. 

  • 98% thermal efficiency

  • 2.5-gallon point of use capacity

  • Glass lined material

  • 37-inch cord

  • CFC free foam insulation

The convenience that this Bosch Small Water Heater offers is beyond what any other water heater can provide you with. Its small in size, so basically any corner is fit for it to be mounted. If you need to, it is even possible to mount it on the floor or anywhere else that suits you. It is a point of the use water heater, so you should install it near the tap where you use most of your hot water from. Two sinks can easily be catered to at one time by this water heater because of its functional capacity of 2.5 gallons. 

All you need to set it up is a 120Vac connection, and you will have hot water coming out of the tap very soon. It is perfect for smaller spaces because of its unique design; kitchens and bathrooms are the aptest places where this water heater can be installed. It is lightweight also and will blend effortlessly with the rest of the décor too. You can forget about all the waiting time you waste whenever you have to use hot water because if it is located near the point of use, like this one, the water heats quickly and reaches the tap soon as well. 





Most Portable Hot Water Heater starts with an instant high pressure of water, which results in sudden damage and accidents with the water heater. To save your Water heater from all that, you have the lowest water pressure feature in this one, which is just as valid as any other as well. 

  • 1.2 GPM flow rate

  • 3.0 PSI start up pressure

  • Flame failure device

  • 34000 BTU power output

  • 12V water pump

Start this Best Portable Hot Water Heater with water pressure as low as 3 PSI, which is more than enough to give your water heater a boost start. The powerful Camplux pump installed and incorporated with its design, which ensures a flow rate of 1.2 GPM. From 8 degrees to 46 degrees, you can have the temperature set at any given number according to what you prefer to have. the flow rate will go to a maximum of 1.32 GPM with this temperature range. You can install it either indoors or outdoors based on your preference, and there is no need for an exhaust pipe as well. 

Its compact size is very convenient to set up, and some handles keep the water heater out of your way. Just make sure that the unit has enough ventilation when installing indoors because otherwise, it might not function as effectively. For any accidents that might occur, there is flame failure function and overheating, function to keep the water heater in check. As powerful as it is, this water heater from Camplux is designed to save up energy and your money while you enjoy instant and endless hot water, wherever needed. 





This is ECOTOUCH Electric Tankless Water Heater the cheapest yet the most effective Hot water heater that we have reviewed here. It has a unique water heating system that gives you endless hot water whenever needed and has a durable design, which lets you use the water heater for years. 

  • 5.5 KW heating system

  • 98% energy efficiency

  • Digital display

  • Remote control use

  • 1.2 GPM flow rate

This is simply the Best Tankless Water Heater we have reviewed because it has an applied 5.5 KW heating system that supplies instant and consistent hot water of temperature 116 degrees with no waiting time involved. There is no need for pre-heating and there won’t be ups and downs in temperature as one usually experiences with water heaters. It is considered as the best companion for sinks since it’s a point of use water heater, it is best installed near the outlet. The benefit of having such an installation is that you avoid wasting a lot of energy. Mounting it is no problem, wherever you wish to, as it has all the equipment in the package to do so. 

The best part about this water heater which you will encounter is it is not just practical but smart as well. The heat output is adjusted by the water heater based on the flow of water and the temperature set by you. Because of this mechanism being present, up-tom98% energy is saved as compared to what is spent in usual conditions. Otherwise, also, you can control all the settings through the digital touch panel in the front and set them to make the water heater is most useful.  





Very few of us now use Best Natural gas Water Heater because they are not as efficient and are too much work sometimes, but this one will change your mind. It is one of the Best gas water heaters with high heat output.

  • LPG powered water heater

  • 36KW heat output

  • LED display

  • 4.8 GPM flow rate

  • Wall mount design

What this Best gas water heater delivers, it is almost as equal as what any electric water heater would. You have a sound heat output of 36 KW, which means the water reaches the tap much quicker than in a conventional water heater. It works entirely on gas supply and will deliver almost 18L of water continuously without stopping, which shows how efficient the water heater is in its functioning. You can control water temperature and even the gas supply to get customized water flow and temperature simultaneously. There are modes also present to help you sail through different seasons like summers and winters. Its multi-level protection systems will ensure its safety and yours while its on. 

There won’t be any sudden incidents because there are safety mechanisms like low water pressure start the present. The lightweight design is also somewhere beneficial because you can quickly move it if needed. There is no need to call a guy even; it’s a simple wall mounting that will fix up the water heater to be used by you in no time. The best part that you will see about this water heater is that it is not just a simple water heater, it can be used for various purposes, and there is no need for it to be limited to only one space. Just as varied as features, its functions are the same. 





This whole house Propane Tankless Water Heater runs on natural gas and has a good capacity, which is more than enough to cater to the entire house and deliver hot water at all points. There is no limitation on the number of outlets that can be switched on at one time.

  • 3.6 GPM flow rate

  • Digital temperature display

  • 3.5 GPM water consumption

  • Gas powered

  • Standard water fittings

his water heater from Eccotemp has been named as one of the best tankless and gas-powered water heaters which can cater to an entire home. Mostly you will find Propane Tankless Water Heater for outdoors, or they are too small, but this one can give you endless hot water. It is the best unit for houses located in colder regions or where natural gas is a more preferred fuel for water heaters than electricity. 

Its best water flow rate is 3.6 GPM, which is activated only when many outlets need hot water. Otherwise, it works on a low flow rate to avoid the usage of extra energy in its functioning. It will even ventilate itself on its own with its very efficient power ventilation and doesn’t need too much space in your home as well. It is the perfect replacement of all those big water heaters that take just too much space in the room and don’t go with the rest of the décor as well. Its compact design and no-noise functioning become very helpful in such a case. Otherwise, also, it is quite easy to control as well through the digital panel. 





This is the costliest Tankless Water Heater we have reviewed, but its that costly for a reason. If you have it installed, your entire home can have just this water heater, and it will be more than enough — no need to install separate water heaters in different spaces. 

  • 28.8 KW heat output

  • 0.77 GPM min flow rate

  • Advanced flow control

  • Digital display

  • 0.99 energy factor

This Tankless Water Heater has been engineered in Germany and has been designed as a whole house water heater to perform to the highest standards of quality and efficiency. It is a tankless unit that caters to the entire house single-handedly, which is almost rare to find. Spending the amount that the brand is asking of you might seem a lot right now, but the money you will save while saving on your energy bills is when you will realize that it is a good investment. 

Moreover, unlike most conventional water heaters where you have to wait for some time before you can get hot water, this water heater doesn’t make you wait at all and delivers hot water almost instantly despite its size and capacity. You can adjust its functioning and change the settings of temperature according to what is most suitable to you through the digital control present on the front. There is an option for pre-setting temperature as well, where the water heater records the previously set temperatures and applies the same when switched on again. You don’t have to adjust the settings again and again because of the presence of this feature.





Usually smaller and Portable Hot Water Heater like this tankless one are hard to find for bigger homes because they are generally designed to be small. If you have this heater, then it can even cater to filling up your jacuzzi in no time at all. 

  • Lifetime limited warranty

  • 36 KW heat output

  • 6 GPM flow rate

  • Copper and stainless components

  • Self-modulating technology

With self-modulating technology and digital temperature control, this is the easiest and most Portable Hot Water Heater to control and use. It will judge the water pressure and the temperature settings and provide a heat output that suits both aspects. This technology helps you save almost 50% of your energy bills, so you don’t just save electricity but the money is going out of your pocket as well. Even the temperature can be changed and increased by one degree to get a very customized temperature setting that suits you.

 Along with saving so much energy spending, it saves a lot of space as well, which most water heaters of this capacity take. It’s a tankless system, so there is no storage unit which helps in saving almost 90% of the save that any other conventional water heater would have taken up. All its components are designed to support these aspects and are very efficient in their functioning, along with being durable. Their copper and stainless built to ensure their long-lasting life, and you anyways have a lifetime warranty to back it all up. If you see how outlets cater to one point, are four showers and two sinks. Which is more than what is usually used in homes, the flow rate of water will be adjusted depending upon how many outlets are actually in use, and the temperature outside.





There are various types of water heaters that you will find in the market, and they differ mostly in their capacity. Your usage will mainly define the kind of hot water heater that will be perfect for you. A large family home would need bigger hot water that provides 50 gallons of water to them, but a small family home wouldn’t need to spend that much money. The key to finding the right one lies in knowing what you need. Most small homes would be satisfied enough with a small instant water heater or where the use of hot water in occasional. You can always find something that suits you if you know what’s out there. 

The reason that ECOTOUCH electric tankless water heater is the best out of all that we have reviewed because it has what most much costlier water heaters don’t have. It is a smart water heater that adjusts the power input based on temperature and the flow rate. Lesser heat output is used where required, which helps to save a lot of energy. The temperature of the water that you get is very customized and shows a very practical aspect of the water heater. No instant water heater is better than this one as its safe and durable to use as well. Even after years, it will stay with you as you use and you are anyways buying it for a much cheaper price than the others. 

Water heaters usually differ based on their working and operation. The fuel that operates them and where they will be placed also defines their types. You have to choose out of them all to see what resources you have at your disposal. 

Solar water heaters have become very popular now and are very eco-friendly because the water heating is done by conversion of sunlight into heat for water through a solar thermal collector. The mechanisms differ based on the type of climate you put this type of water heater in. 

An electric water heater is any water heater that runs on electricity. It can be a water heater with a tank, or it can be a tankless water heater that provides you with hot water on demand. 

A tankless water heater is the new modern water heater, which is designed to provide you with endless hot water. The cold water passes through heated coils where it gets heated and directly comes to your tap, unlike conventional heaters where hot water is first stored. 

Every RV usually has space where you can install your water heater. These water heaters can be with tanks or can be RV Tankless Water Heater, as well. The tank water heater will usually be a 6 gallon to the 10-gallon capacity heater, unlike the ones at home, but tankless RV water heaters are also available. 

Gas water heaters use propane as a fuel to generate the heat that is required to heat the water. Meanwhile, there is a plumbing system that also works inside it, which keeps the entire system in check and keeps it from exploding. 

Many brands now sell the Best Tankless Gas Water Heater and ones that are highly advanced technology as well. Its best to choose from the brand which you might be using before as well, be it of any kind. 

Bosch is the best-known brand for bigger water heaters of capacity 30 gallons above. If you want to buy a water heater, Bosch is the best brand to consider. Both gas and electric water heaters are available and that too at a moderately reasonable price as well. 

Rheem has the best tankless water heaters of functional capacity, which are very efficient, but they don’t come at a cheap price at all. Any Rheem water heater will cost you around $200 minimum or above. 

If you need a Best Hot water heater, AO smith Water Heater has the best ones. Mostly what you will find with the brand are commercial units that are best suited for bigger homes. The price that they have matched up to the capacity they have. 

Here the essential information that you need to consider before buying a Water Heater that is Buying Guide. You need to check out the things or factors that are to be considered while buying a Water Heater. This helps you to choose the right one easily. Check each element and keep in mind the requirements of yours. Then go the list mentioned above and buy the best water heater.

There are different types of water heaters like Storage Tank, Tankless, RV, Solar, Electric, Gas Water Heaters. If you want to go for the lower cost, then you can choose the Storage Tank type. It keeps anywhere from 20 gallons to 80 gallons of hot water ready to use. If you want the hot water on demand, then you can consider the tankless water heater. It provides hot water whenever you need it.

If you want natural products, then you can go for the Natural Gas water heaters. For that, you need a natural gas service to your home. If you are not having, you need to consider extra installation costs for running a gas line. Solar Water heaters are the other type of heaters that use solar energy and saves your money as well. As sunlight can be unpredictable, you can choose this type of heater if needed.

Next, you need to consider is Size. If you have chosen the Storage Tank type, then look at the number of gallons it can supply each hour. This depends on the size of the tank, the size of the heating element, and the source of heat. Based on your family size, you need to estimate how much water you and your family use daily. Then take that estimated value as the minimum number of gallons and choose the correct one.

Generally, water heaters need electricity to run. And some heaters plug into a convenient outlet. 240-volt service is required for Electric heaters, including the tankless heaters. Also, they need a dedicated line that is rated sufficiently to handle the current draw. So, these are the electrical needs you need to consider.

Not all heaters come in equal size. They vary in diameter and height, and you need to make sure whether you have enough space for the product you choose. Generally, for storage tank-type heaters, the size varies based on the capacity. Also, some heaters require a certain amount of air surrounding them. So, based on that, you need to plan for appropriate space. Some may come taller, and some come wider. Before buying check the specifications and then buy.

This need to be considered if you are going for the Gas Water Heaters because they have to be vented to the outside. This is handled in many ways. It is better to take the help of the licensed plumber to get venting done adequately and safely. Even when you are replacing the present heater with Gas heater, you need to take licensed plumber help because, since your last installation, the local building codes might have changed.

These Digital Displays help you to monitor the water levels and you can easily know the status. When the water is heated, it automatically indicates you. In Solar heaters, the displays help you to know the tank and collector temperatures, pressure readings, and others. In some electric heaters, you can set a vacation mode. When you are away it uses the heat pump for more efficiency.

It is better to check the warranty before buying any device. For water heaters, the warranty runs from 2 to 12 years. For more extended warranty models, you need to pay a bit more because, based on the quality and features, the price increases. They use larger burners or elements to speed up the heating and also have thicker insulation, which leads to less heat loss. So, if possible, choose the Water Heater with the most extended warranty.

The water capacity of a water heater is how much it can heat and store at once. This is mostly for water heaters that have a tank for storage. A functional water capacity directly means more hot water at your disposal at once. 

The flow rate in a water heater is the flow of the water that comes out. This has to be balanced as too much will disturb the mechanism, and also less will result in slow water output. It is usually measured in PSI, which is what you should look for. 

The power output of a water heater determines how quickly the water gets heated up. Good heating speed means that you will have hot water quickly, and it’s the prime feature that should be looked ta in a tankless water heater especially. 

With tankless water heaters, you don’t need to determine size because they are designed to provide water continuously. The number of points they can cater to at once is what is essential. As for conventional water heaters, the capacity is measured in gallons. This capacity can be measured based on the number of people there are in the family and what you need for the number of members you have. 

  • 1-2 people: 30-40 gallons 
  • 2-3 people: 40-50 gallons 
  • 3-4 people: 50-60 gallons
  • More than 5 people: 60-80 gallons 

When you use an appliance like a Small Water Heater regularly it is obvious that hard water and sediment will accumulate over time. This should be done annually as suggested by most brands. This should be done step wise and carefully.

  • Start by turning off the power supply and the cold-water supply to the water heater.
  • Join a garden hose to the drain valve and lead the hose outside. 
  • Open the drain valve and pressure relief valve one by one. 
  • Now, let the water in tank to drain out. 
  • Once drained out, open the cold-water supply and let the tank clean out for a while. 
  • Open the gas supply after clean up to use like before.

Whether it is a tankless water heater or a water heater with a tank, both require as much maintenance, which can be done by following a few tips. 

  • Always have space around the water heater for ventilation purposes. 
  • Clean up the water heater and drain it at regular intervals. 
  • Always insulate older units for efficiency.
  • Change the settings when the water heater is not being used. 

Choosing the best water heater is the initial thing you need to do to enjoy the warm water. It is not easy and won’t be a comfort to face the cold water all the time. With the right unit for residential or commercial purposes, you can have a comfortable and relaxed time enjoying the hot water. To choose the right one, all you need to do is check the buying guide above, sort out your requirements, refer to the top 10 list, and then choose the required one within your budget. The products listed here will add value to money. So, happily spend your money on the unit you like and enjoy the hot water.

Water Heaters Reviews